Fat-free Kulfi

Mindful eating is the new trend that the whole family has been taking to these last few months. My mom has been on a diet since I can remember, but I have always had the opportunity to eat whatever I wanted (within reason). However in the past year, the family has radically shifted what, how, and how much they eat. I detested the idea of a diet right until I actually came back and had my first bowl of oatmeal in soy milk with dried figs. Everything about that made me cringe, but one bite had me hooked. Well, not hooked. But like it was a lot better than I had expected. 

I have never been a sweet-tooth. Friends, both old and new find that surprising because I seem like a guy who likes sweets but I think its one of those things I have picked up from my mum. She hates sweets too. We both love savory, spicy foods with very little desire for sugar. Even when we go for sweets we like dark, bitter flavors. Chocolate, coffee, deep liqueurs are what we gravitate towards. Gone are the days I would ask for strawberry and butterscotch ice creams from Nirulas, today my sweet cravings are quashed by homemade tiramisu,, Jeni’s Black Cat Espresso Ice Cream, or mum’s fat free kulfi. 

Like oatmeal, I was hesitant about this until I actually had it largely because I was convinced that it wouldn't be sweet enough. To my pleasant surprise I was oh so wrong. Heating the milk thickens it as the water evaporates and the fat settles. Since this doesn't have too much fat expect for there to be water in your final pour in batch. What does that mean, well you might get some ice crystals but other that it attains the creamy texture of a good kulfi, the same taste, and hey did I mention that its only 60 calories? 

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Serving Size: 8 Kulfis

1 liter of double toned milk (low fat milk)  

10 Dried chopped Figs (anjeer), roughly chopped

20 almonds, finely chopped

6 Green cardamoms pods, crushed

Few strands of saffron soaked in 1 tsp milk


Step 1

Pour the milk in a pan. Add almonds, and figs to the same. Boil for half hour over low heat. Keep stirring the milk so it does not stick to the pan. At the very end, add the cardamom seeds and saffron.

Step 2

Once the mix is cool. Pour in moulds of your choice. you can also put them in small bowls. Store in the freezer for at least 4 hours and enjoy!