Life of Simple Treats (LOST)
Life of Simple Treats (LOST)
A personal blog about the things I love.

Connect with me for the following services: 

  1. Content Creation: I write blog posts for various companies in the food, consumer, and higher education industries. I can help create content for your personal blogs or collaborations with my blog
  2. Recipe Creation: I am an amateur cook and can help create recipes that resonate with a millennial demographic
  3. Website Development: I can make a website from scratch using Wordpress or Squarespace. 
  4. Food photography and styling
  5. Social Media Consulting: I am fluent in social media marketing and happy to help your business create a digital footprint. 
  6. Higher Ed Consulting: Having studied in the United States, worked in admissions at a top liberal arts college, and worked for one of the largest independent higher education counseling firms in India, I am fluent in the college admissions process. I can work on essays, college lists, and connect you with influential people in the industry. 

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