6 Best Veggie Recipes

6 Best Veggie Recipes

Every month, I run this AMA on my Instagram stories where I ask people what they want to see on the blog. This helps me engage with people who actually seek help from the blog and also keep in tuned with the running trends. It’s through these stories that I have made things like the sweet and sour chicken, toffee chocolate cookies, and even some the recipes I have here below. I have always been a meat eater—more so now than ever before because of my protein forward diet. But, there are somethings that I make every now and then that are Completely vegetarian. Now, I wrote that in italics because, from what I understand through a not very scientific IG story poll that I conducted, people believe egg based recipes as non-vegetarian too! Now, as a biology major, I cant agree to it but as a philosophy I understand their perspective. So with that in mind, this post will focus on eggless veggie recipes (but if eggs are vegetarian in your world, them omg all the pies and galettes are up for grabs!). 

I know some of you were looking for a nice vulnerable anecdote from the blog this week but currently I am spending my last week in my current office which actually has me a lot busier than I imagined! But hey, technically you get to read and reread 6 other anecdotes!  

Quick Meal (10 mins or less) 

The quickest meals for the busy/lazy human made with kitchen essentials.

Pesto Pasta

A classic pasta sauce recipe that can made with any aromatic fresh leaf and a nutty fat. This is the classic basil and pine nuts but a great number of variations can be made.

Cacio e peppe

In Italian that means “cheese and pepper.” Basically, An impressive name for a meal that sounds incomplete...

Takes a little time but worth it (30 mins or less) 

This might need a little more work either in chopping things up or finding all the right ingredients.

Fruit Cream

A recipe inherited from my grandmother, recreated with father, and cherished by our tiny family.

Sweet Potato Quinoa Fritters

Basically, fritters are patties but fancier.

It’s a long haul but nothing’s better (1 hour or more) 

Quinoa Oatmeal Granola

A simple recipe filled with flavor, texture, carbs, but actually kinda healthy!

Gin & Tonic Cheesecake

A birthday experiment that works on many levels and then not in some